Grendel's Cave is a free on-line adventure game based on the mythical fantasy characters Beowulf and Grendel. It is Norse Mythology, Dark Age and Viking adventure based. Role-play in a medieval, RPG, browser-based game. No downloads required. Grendel's Cave accepts monthly subscriptions for some great perks to the game.

Grendel's Cave is currently running version 6.0 Retro. Please see the Notice page for information on this version.

Join a tribe and bring glory to you kin. Please see the Tribe Ranking page for current rank of Tribes.

I am appealing to you, the devoted fan and player base of Grendel's Cave to help keep our game alive. I am building a whole new UI and graphic set for Grendel's Cave, and as you can imagine, this is an expensive endeavor. My total cost for both Classic and Norse will be in excess of $6,000. I am asking you, the current players who want to see Grendel's Cave not just survive, but thrive by building a larger loyal player base, to donate to my NewUI and Graphics fund. This fund will help pay for the new graphics and UI. If you are logged in when you donate each $20 that you give will get your account a four month subscription. In addition, if you would like, select a great Grendel's Cave premium as a thank you for helping our game. These premiums are not just a gift, but a way for you to show off the best game on the Internet that no one plays and maybe, just maybe, get your friends, family or complete strangers into the cave!

Click Donate below, and make sure you are logged in to your account to get a four month subscription for each $20 you donate. Thanks!