Grendel's Cave is a paid subscription on-line adventure game based on the mythical fantasy characters Beowulf and Grendel. It is Norse Mythology, Dark Age and Viking adventure based. Role-play in a medieval, RPG, browser-based game. No downloads required.

Grendel's Cave Is back and running version 5.0 Resurrection. Please see the Notice page for information.

Join a tribe and bring glory to you kin. Please see the Tribe Ranking page for current rank of Tribes.

Grendel's Cave is subscription based and you will need to subscribe at $10.95 a month to play. Every account gets a free 24-hour subscription after which you can purchase a subscription by logging into your account and clicking on the Subscription button. Click on the Buy Now button next to the subscription option you want, and then complete your payment using PayPal. You can then play for the length of your subscription, and as a bonus, I am giving away free lives with each subscription level. Thanks in advance for subscribing, welcome back, and as always, please, kill more monsters!