You play Grendel's Cave by clicking on game icons. Each time you click on an icon, you perform an action. In the main panel of the game page, the arena, you see various icons. The icon in the center of the arena is you. The eight spaces immediately surrounding you may also have icons. These icons are of three different types, other Thanes, Monsters and Items. Surrounding these eight spaces are sixteen more spaces that may also have icons. These icons may be of three different types, Non-Player Characters, Areas or Action Icons.

When you click on an icon, you perform an action. The action you perform depends on the type of icon you clicked. The following are the default actions performed on the different type of icons in the arena section.

Icon TypeDefault Action
YourselfRest, do nothing
Thane, Neutral or BefriendedInspect
Thane, EnemyAttack with default weapon
MonsterAttack with default weapon
ItemPick up, or, if a shop item, buy item
NPC NPC action, the NPC does their default action For example, Hrothgar tells you something, The Witch performs magic
AreaMove into that area, if possible
Action Default action for that type of icon For example, the bedroll puts you to sleep, The feast feeds you