Toggle Magic

Toggle Status magic are abilities that allow you to toggle one of your thane's statuses. The following are the main Toggle Status magic abilities.

AbilityDescription of What it Does
InvisibilityBecome invisible or visible at will
FlyingBecome aloft or grounded at will
ImmolateBecome flaming or extinguished at will

Toggle magic abilities are either on, invisible, flying, flaming, or off, visible, grounded, extinguished. You use the Cast Spell select field to cast the spell and change your toggle status. For example, if you have the Invisibility ability you would become invisible by selecting Become Invisible from the Cast Spell select field and click on yourself. When the page reloads, you will see the text Invisible underneath your thane icon to indicate that you are invisible. In this state, only thanes and monsters that have the Detect Invisible magic ability would be able to see and interact with you.