Selecting a Starting Ability

There are ten magical abilities that I consider the Ten Ancient Naturals. The following is a list of these abilities.

AbilityDescription of What it Does
Ally TreesMake trees friendly, that attack your enemies
InvisibilityBecome invisible and visible at will
Detect InvisibleAutomatically detect invisible thanes and monsters
FlightTake off and fly and land at will
Quick BowShoot a missile weapon without having to rearm it between shots
RegenerateAutomatically regain one point of lost health each click
SizingGrow larger or shrink smaller at will
SpelunkingDetermine location in the cave, relative to the opening, at will
Spin WebSpin a web and enshroud an enemy just like Spiderman
QuakeReduce the magic of an enemy as an attack

These are the Ten Ancient because they have been with Grendel's Cave from the very beginning and form the basis of the original eight species in the game, other than human. All of these are available as free Abilities when you create a new thane and all have their advantages. Choosing any one of these original ten is a good choice.