You can buy and sell items at shops. Shops are special areas that have a different arena display. When you are in a shop the shop door is always to your left, anyone else at the shop is always to your right and the items you can buy are always below you. In Hrothgar's kingdom, there are two shops, the Barn and the Blacksmith. You can buy general items at the Barn and Weapons and Armor at the Blacksmith. When you start out you have a given number of credits, according to your race. You can use the credits, just like gold rings, to purchase items but any item you buy with credits have a zero value so if you sell those items back to the shop you do not get any rings. As you play the game, you will find rings as loot. Gold rings are the currency in Grendel's Cave and you use them to buy items or get them when you sell items at shops.

When you click on a shop item at a shop, you will buy that item if you have enough rings, or credits, to cover the cost. Underneath each shop item is displayed the cost of the item. You can buy multiples of items at a time by typing the number, up to 10, that you want to buy into the modifier text box, in the modifier section of the display, in the mid left area of the page, and then clicking on the item you wish to buy. You will buy that many items. When you buy items, you will see them appear in your inventory section of the display, in the lower left area of the page. When at shops, underneath each item in your inventory you will see the value of that item.

You can sell items at shops. To sell select the Sell modifier from the Use Item select field and click on an inventory item. The item will vanish and you will receive its value in rings in your inventory.