Thane Ranking
Today's Prize for Highest Tally: 5 Lives

Rank 1: GodspeedYou, asleep in Kingdom 3723 Viking
Status: Current King of Grendel's Cave, Red 1875 Points, Chief of the Ohhhhhhhhhhh Elden Ring tribe, King of GC v5.2, July 2021
Value: 154055351, Daily Tally: 10

Rank 2: King Charlemagne, awake in Kingdom 3747 Jarl
Status: Kid Charlemagne 18 Points, Chief of the Kid Charlemagneur tribe
Value: 15411576, Daily Tally: 5372

Rank 3: zeth, awake in Kingdom 3768 Retro Intermediate
Status: Member of the kick ass tribe
Value: 150445, Daily Tally: 307