Grendel's Cave Subscription Perks

There are some really great perks for having a subscription, and for up to less than $5 a month, it is very inexpensive and a great deal. These are many of the perks your get for having a subscription.

  • Access to higher level kingdoms that allow you to get your name on the Hall of Fame
  • Access to special events and kingdom types, such as rumbles, tournaments, Halloween and Birthday kingdoms
  • Each of your Thanes (characters) gets an extra unlocked ability
  • Access to an in-game magic house that sells magical items and item enhancements
  • One bound item to your account; bound items cannot be lost and can be called by any of your thanes from any kingdom
  • Free personal kingdom that you can configure to your liking
  • Thane name aliases that show on the thane listing; this can protect your thane in PK kingdoms
  • Access to character stats and premium character statistics listing and analysis
  • Posting on the Hall of Fame if you kill Grendel in a public higher level kingdom
  • Ability to open in-game treasure chests that contain cool weapons, armor, items and even free lives!
  • Access to purchase protection from death
  • Access to purchase private rooms
  • Access to purchase personal pictures for your characters in-game
  • Access to purchase stealth mode which hides your awake status from the thane listing, further protecting you in PK kingdoms

One of the nice new perks you get for having a subscription is a free personal kingdom. You can configure your free kingdom to your liking using the all new personal kingdom settings setup page and can use any of the existing public kingdom types as a template for your kingdom. You can decide on Hourglasses, Death Rules, Player Killing, Quest attributes, Hel question pools, among many other and new attributes. You can even run your own tournaments by adding lives to your kingdom to provide a prize for any account that kills Grendel in your kingdom. Use the templates to see the behind the scenes settings for the public kingdoms, and practice using these settings in a safer, private arena. You can allow other accounts with subscriptions to enter your free kingdom. You set up a login name and password and when another subscribed account creates a new thane, they can enter your kingdom if they know and enter the name and password to your kingdom.

You get access to thane (character) stats if you have a subscription. I track kills, deaths, PKs, KDRs, ring spending, singing of deeds, gambling, value gained or lost, resurrections and quests completed. You can see your own thanes stats, and have access to a listing page to compare to other account thanes in the game. Use these stats to see how you stack up and who really are the best players in the game. Is it you; now you can know quatitatively.

Hall of Fame

Want to get on the Hall of Fame? Get a subscription and then slay Grendel, Grendel's Mother and the Dragon in a Norse Jarl, Viking or Einherjar, or a Retro Tournament kingdom and I will add your thane to the Hall of Fame. I may run special events from time to time, such as special holiday kingdoms, or rumble type kingdoms, from which you may earn a spot on the Hall of Fame too, or even earn special honors that appear on the thane listing for your thane. Get that subscription and get on the list!